After having dinner and visiting a few places, the members of the group that had met that night were deserting, some because of tiredness or because the night did not go as planned, others because they needed privacy.

A man and a woman ended up together because they wanted to extend the night as much as possible and the rest of the group had disappeared. She was forty-two and he was thirty-six. They had come to these meetings because they had broken up with their respective partners a short time ago and wanted to connect with new people that would allow them to build new friendships and, perhaps, new relationships. Both had seen announcements and although neither of them had believed that they would use this resource, they ended up considering that the vanity of getting things for oneself was worse than the loneliness and the drowsiness of the memory.

When they closed the place neither of them wanted to go back to their respective houses, nor to invite the other because they thought the other would take it as an invitation of a sexual nature that they did not want to make explicit, although the idea might be nice to them both. The alternative to that decision was to buy a bottle of the drink they had been consuming all night and go to the beach to watch the sun rise and exhaust the night.

They had talked and joked without going too deeply into their worries and problems, but once on the beach, when lying on the sand, tiredness came and this helped them end up talking about what they wanted to forget.

It was not an act of closeness and confidence, but letting out with words the thoughts that again and again prevented them from moving forward, freed them from their own ghosts with the assurance that the other was doing the same with similar problems and, as in many of these conversations, they ended up talking about the problems of humanity, the difficulties of coexisting in opulence, while the illusions were squalid.

They could have been talking for hours without going beyond expressing their momentary dissatisfaction, but she sat up to look towards the horizon where the sun and the silence that was produced to see that great show, which is repeated every day but that is never the same as another, united them much more than all the words they had spoken.

This piece of glass has not been able to explain how that couple ended, but surely satisfied by being able to share the loneliness of a great moment that allowed them to let the past stay with self-pity to be able to live in the present without having fear of the future and for that reason he threw everything as strong as he could the bottle that crashed against the rocks and broke into small pieces, by the mere fact of feeling the urge to do so, without thinking if it was right, if it contravened the rules of responsibility or fear of what she thought, that according to what the little glass told me, she just said -What are you doing? – with a funny smile on her face that all the alcohol in the bottle had not managed to wake up.

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